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Karan and Shradha’s Ehome Blog

The KS Blog Launching Soon….

Buzzing with excitement and action, television’s handsome hunk Karan Grover and his wife Shradha have been quite busy these days setting up their ‘Ehome’. The first ever celebrity couple blog, Karan and Shradha’s KS Blog is launching soon and will allow the two to connect with their audiences directly across the globe.

In this digital age, blogging has become a common trend no doubt, but no celebrities have ever shared their space in the virtual world. Inseparable even when it comes to blogging, the KS Blog will be the couple’s new possession which will have rooms like the library with their reviews, to the kitchen and even a treasure chest with their secrets and a playroom with fun things to do! What’s more the first blog we hear is a special visual treat for their fans as instead of a written entry, Karan and Shradha have decided to start their blogging journey with a video blog to reach out to their fans!

The duo has chosen to tie-up with seeing the vast popularity and exposure this very popular online Indian entertainment forum has when it comes to housing TV buffs from all over the globe on one platform. Speaking on the blog Karan says, “I have been getting so much love from people all over the world, and I want to be able to thank them and interact with them! This blog will be our space to share our thoughts, ideas and connect to those who like to be entertained by us!” His better half, Shradha, adds on, “We live in a digital age and the future will be even more tied to the digital world! We thought what better way to reach out to our audience than a blog where we can interact directly!”

And with this Karan and Shradha return back to rehearsals but tell us not to forget to visit their ehome, which is inaugurating on March 27th. at 7:30 PM IST on



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