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Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan celebrate Mother’s Day!

May 10th is celebrated all over the world as Mother’s Day- a day to honor mothers and motherhood & be grateful for the positive contributions that mothers make to society.

To commemorate this day, TV actors Hiten Tejwani & Gauri Pradhan paid a visit to the ‘Jeevan Asha Old Age Home’ at Andheri & through this very kindful & thoughtful gesture, brought a smile to many of the mothers there.

They interacted with each of them, & cheered them up, asking them how they passed their time & if the atmosphere was homely. Also what kind of activities kept their boredom at bay. They brought in a cake as a symbol of celebration which lightened the mood & only made each of them want to satisfy their sweet tooth!

‘It was a wonderful experience. Once we entered, the vibes we got were very welcoming & it felt very touching to mingle with them. I wish all the mothers wolrd-wide a very Happy Mother’s Day!’ says a very contented Hiten. Gauri says in tune, ‘I couldn’t agree more with Hiten. It just felt so moving to come & spend time here. Im glad we did this & were able to get them beaming with our visit.’

Considering how warm & benevolent this beloved duo of the Television industry is, having a personalized & mixing approach to the mothers here, went smooth. We would like to say kudos to their gesture & keep up the good work…!

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